Monday, July 28, 2008


Sean loves his bath. I don't know a kid who doesn't! He is obsessed with pulling all of my things off of the side. He now throws them out of the tub and tries to get out to get them. I hope that phase ends soon- it's quite tedious!

We only have five more days till Mike and I leave for Mesquite! We'll be gone for a whole week. WITHOUT SEAN! We will have Bruno though. He's really sick with a herniated disc (he can't walk) so we will be boarding him in a hotel near our condo there! (okay, it's an animal hospital). I'm excited. The longest I've been away from Sean is five hours (besides sleeping). I hope I last. I plan on getting a really good tan, reading the new Twilight book, and sleeping and eating a lot. For our anniversary (the 7th) I bought us tickets to see Les Mis the play at Tuacahn. It's Mike's favorite book so I hope it's a good play! I'll let ya know!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Hurricane Sean

After having kids, I have decided a clean house is not important. Well, it's not that it's not important; it's just not possible! I promise you I can vacuum every single day and still have graham crackers stuck to the carpet. We tried to put our computer in our bedroom and use it as a t.v. yeah, it was at Sean's reach so needless to say- it did not last long in there. His favorite toy of all time is the computer mouse.
The first toy I ever bought him was a little medical bag with supplied is it. It has a bottle of pills and it's so funny to see him walk around with that thing. It's always in his hand. We hope it is not a sign of things to come. I'm not sure if Mike can handle drug seekers at work and home!
Today he took so many steps! Holy cow, it was so awesome. He was so proud too. He walked like 10 feet (okay maybe 5 but still!!!)

It's so fun to see him walking!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sean's Little Life Story

This is Sean getting his tubes in. He actually did very well through the surgery. He's tough but always sick!!!
Sean is always sick. I keep telling myself not to have any more kids:) We all know how that's going to go down. He ended up with a big rash all over his body, diarrhea, a snotty nose, a bloody mouth, a temperature, and a really needy needy personality (oh wait he was born with that) all this weekend. What a great time we've had:) The thing is, I take him to the doctor all of the time, and they always say, "He has a virus." Then I pay them 80 dollars and we're back to square one. It's so depressing.
So, needless to say, I'm exhausted, Mike's exhausted. I'm not surprised if he just doesn't come home tonight:) Just kidding. I wouldn't if I were him. He's almost done with school this semester. IN TWO WEEKS!!! We're going to Mesquite for a whole 7 days w/o Sean. Mike's mom and dad and Caitie are so kind. They are taking care of him for us! We owe them big.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm fat and happy!

Well today was so fun. The Thomas family (Ann, Pat, Meg, Mike, Caitie) and I went to Tuscano's for lunch. I ate so much food! Mike and I were so onery today before the lunch but we were too bloated to argue anymore so that was nice. On the way home, we had an idea:

We are going to start a band:) We have no musical abilities but it would be so fun. We started talking about it after we discussed the randomest band names and how they could've gotten their names. He told me the funny story of how Hootie and the Blowfish got their name!

Anyway, Matt and I are going to be lead singers b/c we're crazy like that. Megan is going to be the ditzy cute back up dancer, Caitie will play drums, Erin will rock out on the keyboard, and of course, Ryan and Ann will play the guitar. Pat will be the bodyguard- what else! Mike will be the manager and their you have it! It will be so fun. Now for a name............

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


It's like having a detailed journal and I don't know if I'm very good at it. I have managed to make a few comments! If you have suggestions... feel free to enlighten me w/ your insight! I tried to download this program that has tons of free creative things to add to your blog- yeah can't find it! Oh well, at least I get to make comments on your blogs!

Man, I want to be cute!

So, here goes. I'm going to try harder to be interesting:) I read my friends blogs and I think..."ahhh they look so cute and they have so much fun...." or "they live such interesting lives..." then I complain that my life is boring. Today I told Mike I want to go on vacation! Yah, like that's possible with him taking a full class load at the U and working full time. But, oh well.. we'll get to do those things someday!!!

I've tried this blogging thing once before. Was horrible at it. So then I tried facebook.....and that's okay. It's just not as detailed as a blog.

Well, I hope you guys are all doing well. Sean and I are having fun staying at home. He is such a boy! I can't believe how many times I wipe his face in a day. It's hilarious to watch him eat. I swear most of it ends up on the floor. I have finally given up and I quit letting him feed himself (well, that's what we've been doing today). I just feed him until he seems totally not interested (which is demonstrated by him picking whatever I put in his mouth out and throwing it on the floor). I then say, "All done!!" and hope he doesn't starve to death! He's a big hefty boy- I'm sure he will be just fine.

Anyway, I hope I'm better than the last time at blogging!