Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh man!

Oh my. My kids are hilarious. Sean just woke up from nap and with a distraught look while scratching his head, he says, "My head's pokey." I think he has a headache.....

Then, at the grocery store (yes, I'm crazy and go grocery shopping with both kids!) Sean had no room for his legs b/c of all the food. He tells me, "I need to live here." I think he meant, make room for me?

Jake'a a crackup too....the other night I went to tuck him in and while stroking his cute crazy hair...I said, "You're so cute. I just love you....etc...etc...." he whispers...."I poopy..."

Jake and Sean also love to play "Blues Clues" and all this means is they each take a turn saying the same thing. This is how the convo goes...

J: My turn.....Furs cue.....he's peewpy.....he...diaper...whoisit?
S: Laughing quite hysterically replies....Jakey....hahahahhahah My turn!"
S: First Clue is.....he's poopy....Second clue is he wears a diaper? Whoisit?! (laughing hysterically while saying it)
J: My turn....
OVER AND OVER AND OVER.....holy cow. It's so funny. I just love that Jake doesn't even know he's making fun of himself!!

Sean had a preschool Christmas program. His amazing teacher, Alisha, had a Thanksgiving and Christmas one. He had to stand up and say his favorite part of Christmas....Sean said, "Sharing with my brother, Jakey."
Now, if only this was true:)

Sean was so happy to have Daddy at the Christmas Program. Afterward, Mike had to go to work. Sean asked me, "Where's Dad?" I said, "Work." He said, "Again?!"

Awww!!! Sean singing his little heart out:)

Singing a song about a tree:)

Jake- asleep.....and probably poopy.....

Sean looks so grown up here!