Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh So Random!

Here are some Easter pictures. We had fun hiding eggs like a million times. Once Sean got the idea- he couldn't get enough of it. We were doing in the house, at the park, at Grandma's house, etc, etc. It was fun! I think he stayed up for like three days with all the candy he ate!

Update: Life is crazy. I love it though. My incision has never fully healed from the C-Section. I keep getting an infection and it hurts badly! But, it is getting a little better. I try to work out but with the pain of the incision plus the pain of a toddler dropping weights on my foot and pulling my arms as I do pushups- it's near impossible! Any suggestions how to get a tired mom back into shape. I see others who do it- what's up with that! It must be a priority for them. I should make it more of an important priority......nah! Sleep....ahhhhhh

Anyway, Sean is still so obsessed with his little brother. It's adorable. He always wants to hold him. He says, "Jakeeeee." He feeds him toy food (scary!) and says, "" That is is "more" sound. It's cute. He loves Jake. I love them both. I'm totally loving life with my three boys.