Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thomas Time

More Family Pictures!

Don't you even worry. EVEN MORE will probably come. I just love every single picture I can't decide which ones to post. I feel bad for Erin, the photographer, because Jake was not feeling well that day so he had a runny nose (BAD). I'm sure she had to photoshop like crazy:)
Again, she is awesome. Her blog is
I love my family!

Friday, November 20, 2009


An awesome photographer took our first ever family pictures and I just wanted to upload two of my favorites.

More to come......

Her photo blog is I'm not sure if she has a portrait blog- I'll check!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Finally, a Halloween Post!

We had a fun Halloween. The boys had to miss their trunk or treat because Sean was sick. So, for the actual holiday, we visited grandparents and had dinner with Mike's mom and dad. It was a lot of fun. Mike and I feel so old. We truly go to bed when the kids do and we feel exhausted 100 percent of the time. Whew! The boys are both sick right now and we'll probably have to take them to the dr again tomorrow. Poor little things. Anyway, back to Halloween- Sean really really REALLY wanted Mike to be Eeyore. In fact, for an entire week he just said, "Daddy, Eeyore?" over and over and OVER again! So, of course, Mike HAD to be Eeyore. We rigged the costume up pretty nicely! I'll have to steal pictures from Mike's mom, though! I dressed up as Darby from the new Winnie the Pooh series, and Sean was Tigger and Jake was Pooh. It was fun! Hope you guys all had a great holiday!
Mike and I went on an actual date to the Gardner Village Witch A Palooza (so fun- totally making this a tradition!)
My Super Sleuths!

Me and my sick boys!

Doesn't Sean look so old in this picture? He is growing too fast!