Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Joys of Teething!

The weekend is always stressful. Mike works a lot and does a lot of homework and I'm pretty much a basket case by the time it comes around. This past week has been even more crazy. Why you ask- well, Sean has thrown up A LOT, has diarrhea explosions every hour, and is even crankier than usual! I swear it's b/c he is teething. I promise you every time he has more than one tooth come in he throws up like crazy. Anyone else experience that? Well, last night, he seemed to be better. We were having fun chillin' on my bed watching a movie. We shared a bag of chips (well, he ate most of them:) But, I kept thinking, oh well, he hasn't eaten in like a week, I'm sure he's starving. THEN I made him chicken nuggets. The kid ate them and was still hungry. I then made him fish sticks. Again, he polished those off like it was his job. Finally satisfied, I do the night time routine and put him to bed. I checked on him at 11 and the minute I walked in his room I knew he had a messy one. So, I got him up to change his diaper. As soon as I lifted him up, he let out the loudest burp I have ever heard (adults included). I tried to make it out of his room- to no avail. The kid blew chunks all over his room! this is like the 10th time in the past week and a half! And Mike wasn't there to clean it up like he normally does. Needless to say, I will never eat Baked Southwestern chips again. Ever. or Wild Rice, or eggs, or pancakes. If we keep this up I might just end up at my goal weight faster than I had hoped:)
What happened to my toothless baby!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Grass is Always Green!

Okay, I've been thinking lately about the statement, "The grass is always greener on the other side." Well, I thoroughly enjoy the stages my kids are in right now however, I can't help but wonder what it will be like when Jake is one and Sean is almost 3. They will be able to play together and keep each other entertained while I scrub my dirty kitchen floor, do laundry, and do tons of dishes all day..............WHAT AM I THINKING? Who cares if my house is not clean and the laundry is not done. They will not always think I'm hilarious, wonderful, and want to cuddle w/ me all day and night. I'm thinking the grass is always green. I want to cherish each moment and not miss a beat (I say this as my house is semi-clean:)

Anyway, life is crazy with an infant and a toddler. Fun, hectic, messy, but I love it. They're definitely cute together. Jake is always looking at Sean with tons of wonder and sometimes disgust and fear. Sean is full of energy and LOVES Jake A LOT! I love when it's time to wake Jake up from his nap and he goes in to do it. He loves this responsibility. He pokes and tickles him and says, "Jakeeey" over and over. It's so fun.

I've attached a few pictures. We love to go to Grandma and Grandpa Thomas's and Sean always tends to eat A LOT of goodies while there. He is so spoiled.

Also, as an update, Mike is almost done w/ school. May!!! I'm so excited. He'll be a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner- FINALLY! And, the best news is he has a job interview this Thursday. We hope he gets it! It's in Salt Lake (so no relocation- YAY!)

Is Sean helping or hitting......not sure!

W/ Gma Thomas.....eating of course!

Great Big Brother

But still a bit ornery though. I get it on camera.....a lot!

Trying to make him happy by building a fort for movie night!

Sometimes nothing but treats and playing in water helps.

So dang cute!