Monday, March 21, 2011

I say Spring, you say Time....Spring.....

I love when Jakey says, "memomade" for Lemonade! I also love when he says, "doih mysef" in his stubborn little voice!

Sean also cracked me up tonight. I made him try shrimp. He actually ate it. When I asked how he liked it he said, "It's not my favorite." Pretty polite boy. Then, he immediately asked for water (a sure sign he didn't like it!)

They are obsessed with the Ipad, slept for over 13 hours last night, and is excited to see their friends Rylee and Carter this week!

Things we often hear:

"I want a picture to color." (Sean)

"Mom, it's my turn"(Sean)
NO, MY TURN (Jake while throwing himself on the floor crying)
(Sean crying)

"Jake's not sharing!!!" (Sean)

(crying, both of them!)


(both kids growling and crying)

.................................Fun wintery times! BUT....good news....spring is here:)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm Old!

Each night I spend a few minutes doing, you know, girly things in the bathroom before bed. Last night, I asked Mike, "Do you wonder what I do in here?" He replies, "No." .....of course...typical guy:)
If roles were reversed, I would totally wonder what the heck was taking him so long.

By the way, you know its time to dye your hair if you pluck more than 10 gray hair a night:)