Sunday, November 30, 2008

Warning: Cheesy Post (Sorry!)

So, tonight, we watched It's a Wonderful Life and man did I enjoy it! I am so blessed b/c I have the awesome ability to forget a movie almost as soon as I've watched it. I don't have a great memory so it's so fun to re-watch movies. It's also a curse (can you imagine me as a student!) Anyway, I completely forgot how good this movie is. It could be that I'm hyper-emotional these days but I literally cried the entire time.

I can't believe how many hours, minutes, and seconds I let go by without enjoying each one with my wonderful husband and my adorable child. Instead of whining each time Sean whines and cries for me to hold him, I really should just enjoy that he loves me and always wants to be with me. A good friend of mine reminded me that when he is fifteen, he won't want to snuggle with his weird overbearing mom. It's true! Sean has been so clingy lately. We went to Idaho for Thanksgiving to meet our new adorable nephew and he was so ornery the entire time. I was exhausted and spent more time wishing I was at home in bed rather than enjoying the time I had with family.

Too bad, this always happens. I know I can't be the only on on the Earth who feels like this. I feel like I let time just slip by and someday I won't have the things that I have now. I need to not spend so much time wishing I had this, that, or whatever, and truly enjoy life.

Life is such a precious gift. I love my family and feel blessed in many ways.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

4th Picture

My friend, Emily, tagged me for this 4th picture thing. Well, I kind of had a hard time doing it b/c I'm not very organized and my pictures are not all in nice neat folders. So, I randomly picked a folder and picked the fourth picture...

This is Mike our first year of marriage. I had a Cultural Psych class and had to make Indian Flat Bread. This was his reaction! The sad part is he can eat anything.

Just for fun, I attached me actually making the bread. I was so proud!

I tag Jaimee, Paige, Kristy, and Leslie (sorry if you've been tagged already!)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ultrasound and Mindfulness

Today, we had our ultrasound to make sure the baby is ok. AND HE'S SO FINE!! I'm so excited. He was measuring big (67%) and intrauterine growth retardation is one of the main things of concern. His lungs and stomach looked great which are also of concern. So, hopefully, things will be just fine. The doctor says he will induce at 39 weeks if we wanted (which would be nice to know the day of delivery!) We got to see a 3D ultrasound (LOVED IT!) Little Baby #2 is so adorable. He has a lot of hair, big chubby cheeks, and a perfect little button nose (seriously, I could tell by the very high tech ultrasound:) I love him already. Thanks to everyone who expressed concern for us! We appreciate your friendship!

Speaking of love; can I just say I love Sean so much too. I know most people who see me probably think I'm a nut case (which I am) but I appear to be stressed out 100 percent of the time (usually the case) but I still find time to enjoy my little fussy bugger! One of the greatest things I can say about being a mom is that I can never ever second guess that child's devotion and love for me. He loves me! I hope that I reciprocate those feelings. I get so caught up in trying to "fix" everything that I forget just to let him be a baby. He does not have to give up his bottle, pacifier, and say 100 words before the next baby is here. It will be just fine. I actually didn't really understand what "mindfulness" was until Mike gave me a seminar about it last night:) Just kidding. he does like to reiterate all of his amazing intellectual findings and I mostly just snore away. But this time, I actually listened. I've always thought of it as just thinking about something (like Heavenly Father) or acknowledging it but if you really are aware of the present moment then you will not dwell on the past or worry about the future- you will just feel hope that you can accomplish whatever it is you need to do at that moment. So, when Sean cries instead of going to bed right away it's not the end of the world, he will not get off of his schedule so much that he'll revert back to newborn stage and never sleep again. It ....ok! IF I could really just be mindful more often, I think I would be a more peaceful person.


I think I will straighten my house, watch Planet Earth, and go to bed!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Actually Soliciting Parenting Advice!

Hey- I have a question for those of you who would like to clue me in on their parenting secrets.

I think it's a common baby thing but Sean has been waking up after only 7--8 hours of sleep. He doesn't seem hurt, in pain, sick, or even hungry. I usually end up giving him a few minutes of crying (he usually cries for a few minutes then goes back to sleep only to wake up one hour later and continue crying). So, I end up feeding him a bottle.

He used to sleep 12 hours no problem until about five days ago. This has been going on for about that long. Last night, I was so exhausted I just gave him a sippy cup of milk and this morning when he woke up it was all over himself and his bedding.

Anyway, my question is....what do I do? Do I just let him cry it out for a few nights? will he have some kind of emotional/attachment issue? I could let him cry when he was younger b/c it seemed okay. Now, he is older and I feel like he knows why he cries and I don't want him to feel abandoned.

Any suggestions you parenting genius's?