Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lessons Learned

Today I have learned important lessons....

1. Never attempt to change a grumpy almost 2 year old while he is holding a golf club. he will hit you in the eye and it will hurt.

2. Letting your child play with bubbles is fun. Letting him play with bubbles on the carpet- probably not so fun.

3. Allowing your child to help with dinner is a good idea. Letting him create his own soup with broth, gold fish crackers, fruit snacks, salt and pepper is probably not the best idea as you will have to taste it at dinner with eager eyes watching you.

4. Going out in public with a crazy looking eye, in your pajamas, with two cranky kids will cause people to stare at you. Punching them in the face is probably not a good idea (do not know this firsthand as I did not have the guts to do it....but next out:)

5. Letting your child eat a sugar cookie in your bed is probably not a great idea. In fact, letting a child eat ANYTHING in your bed will make you grumpy when you go to lay in it after a long day.(nothing a diet pepsi and a Friends episode won't fix)

All in all, I'd say I learned a lot today. All in a days work.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

"They Love Me"

Tonight, Sean helped me change Jake's diaper. He actually did a good job. He then hugged him and said, " I love my baby!" I think he would love to have a little addition to his family. Perhaps, we should get a fish! Although, you can't change a fish's diaper:( Oh well. Hopefully, he will still be excited in a few years:)

I can not tell you how many times I catch myself saying, "I need to write that down" when my kids say or do something funny. I'm really bad at blogging and journaling. Today, however, is very noteworthy! Grandma Thomas gave Sean and Jake an early Christmas present. It was Little People's Nativity Set. They LOVE it to say the least. Sean, of course, is obsessed with the animals and even kicked the poor baby Jesus out of the stable to put the animals in there! Anyway, today, there was a baby blessing at church; Sean looked at me all wonderously and said, "Is that baby Jesus?" Nope, kid, just another little baby. Then, when one of the men were passing the sacrament, Sean said, "Is that Jesus?" Nope, kid, just a man!

Walking home from a dinner with our peeps, he saw a group of older boys. He said, "Hey... Hey Guys......What's your name?" No reply. He said, "what chu doin'?" No reply. We just kept walking. He then said, "They love me!" Oh, to have his confidence!

I love this child! I can't believe he's three years old. He's still my baby!! I don't know what I'm doing 99.99 percent of the time but we seem to get through it. Sean is one tender-hearted, fun, loving child. I love that he says, "I wov you" a bazillion times a day. He is sweet like his dad! I love his periodic lisp, his obsession with hide and seek, and how everytime he prays he stops in the middle and says, "where are we going tomorrow?"