Friday, October 31, 2008

Sean's 2nd Halloween

Sean was dressed in traditional Vietnemese attire for Halloween this year. It was fun to go trick or treating. He is obsessed with suckers! It's almost embarrasing how many he eats in a week. Good thing he likes to brush his teeth too!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Good Cry Never Hurt Anyone!

(I chose her b/c not only is she crying but she is not the thinnest of people either exemplifying what I am feeling- fat and emotional!)

Oh the joys of hormones. Don't you just love bursting into tears in front of a complete stranger like almost sobbing uncontrollably over absolutely nothing. I don't know what my problem is (I guess, I can blame it on pregnancy but this has happened plenty of times when I wasn't pregnant). The other day at my doctors appt. I was supposed to get the glucose screening. The last time I did it (mind you it was not that long ago:) they gave me the yucky orange drink to take home, I took it home, drank it and was at the hospital to do the test w/in the hour. This time they sent me to three different places and made me sit there with a fussy little Seanie for the whole hour. When I found out I was in the wrong place the last time, I burst into tears and the two nurses looked at me like..."Okay, what do I do? Do I send her to the psych unit...oh wait she has a huge stomach she must be pregnant. Ohhhh that poor thing...." Proceeding to then pour me with utter sympathy making me cry harder.

It got done. Sean was not that fussy at all. Life was not over.

Then today, I ended up reading someones blog that I had not seen in a long time only to find out he got married and one year later his wife died! A video tribute was on his blog and I was bursting into tears!!!


I decided to "surf" the Internet (even though were were advised not to in Gen. Conf.)and find out any possible thing that could go wrong w/ the diagnosis of "single umbilical artery." Big mistake. Now, I'm freaking out about every possible thing even though I got a blessing and it says everything will be just fine and reminded me to have faith. A good friend of mine (a very blunt one) reminded me today that she (unlike me) will never have to tell her kids she "didn't want them" or they were a "surprise or mistake." She gently reminded me how stressed I was when I found out I was pregnant. It was not that I did not want this baby (not at all) but I'm just so pessimistic and hard on myself I honestly didn't think I could mentally and physically be a mom to a pretty needy toddler and a newborn! Anyway, she meant no harm I'm sure; it just stung a little. If anything goes wrong I will never forgive myself for being so stressed about being pregnant. I already deeply love this baby boy. When he moves, I just get so happy. Even when it's completely inconvenient like when I'm just about to sleep and he decides to practice his gymnastics ferociously. I still am so happy that he is moving and hopefully happy and healthy.


I'm done.

Really, life is wonderful. Everything will be okay and crying is totally normal. I think I'll go cry now..

Friday, October 17, 2008

Missouri Vacation

Mike, Sean, and I took a "mini-vacation" to Kennett, Missouri last week. I'm from there and we try to go back yearly. This year was so much fun. We stayed w/ my older sister, Samantha, and her family. They took great care of us!

We went to visit Jimmy (Samantha's husband) and my brother Scotty on the cotton farm. Mike was in heaven. He loved it! He got to ride on the big cotton picker and watch how they make cotton modules. I just wanted to take pictures of it all! The sad thing is we took a ton one day and it was great lighting and the kids were all having fun. Then, we found out our SD card was not formatted and we lost it all! I was so sad. So, we tried to do it all over again but of course it wasn't the same. Oh well, it was still a fun adventure. For a second, Mike almost had a new career (working on the cotton farm!) Too bad he had to come back to working on the Psych unit! I'm not sure which I would prefer!
Sean also got to visit his cousin, Jimmy Lee. He is two months younger than Sean and they LOVED each other! It was so much fun to see them play. I'm excited for them to grow up buddies!

Sean also got to live with a dog for a few days! My sister has a black lab, Sissy. Sean loved her. It was so much fun. I love visiting my mom and family. I usually pretty happy to come home and get in my normal routine but I miss it like crazy. Sean was so happy there. He's been fussy the past two days as he adjusts to life w/o constant attention and kisses from Samantha! Poor guy, has to live with a grumpy old boring mom! I try to be fun, but it's just not the same.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm back! Sorry!

Well, I put our blog to private (not that anyone looks at it:) b/c I got some weird message and I couldn't link to the sender. Now, our desktop computer has some crazy virus. Then, I got too lazy trying to add addresses so I changed it back for your viewing pleasure:)
P.S. wasn't general conference awesome. I was impressed that I only slept through Elder Oaks talk (his voice is so soothing!)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Ahhh The Good Ol' Days

Today has been one of those days!! Sean has hit his head at least a dozen times. I was so worried I watched him take his nap (to ensure there was no concussion!) I remember the good ol' days when he would just lay on the couch and sleep his little day away. And, though, he still likes to sleep, the kid no longer lounges around on the couch- he bounces around it resulting in a big fall on the coffee table! He also loves to slide down the slide at the park. He's getting very good at it. He can do it almost by himself. He loves to climb around the stairs on the playground. Today, he fell trying to go up by himself. It was sad to see the proud face followed by the awful fall.

The Peaceful Newborn!

By the end of the day, he actually just lounged on my bed watching "Planet Earth." It was fun to snuggle and remember when he actually liked to cuddle with me (besides when he's hurt!) I love the kid! I'm glad he is so inquisitive and thankfully the bumps don't last!