Friday, October 3, 2008

Ahhh The Good Ol' Days

Today has been one of those days!! Sean has hit his head at least a dozen times. I was so worried I watched him take his nap (to ensure there was no concussion!) I remember the good ol' days when he would just lay on the couch and sleep his little day away. And, though, he still likes to sleep, the kid no longer lounges around on the couch- he bounces around it resulting in a big fall on the coffee table! He also loves to slide down the slide at the park. He's getting very good at it. He can do it almost by himself. He loves to climb around the stairs on the playground. Today, he fell trying to go up by himself. It was sad to see the proud face followed by the awful fall.

The Peaceful Newborn!

By the end of the day, he actually just lounged on my bed watching "Planet Earth." It was fun to snuggle and remember when he actually liked to cuddle with me (besides when he's hurt!) I love the kid! I'm glad he is so inquisitive and thankfully the bumps don't last!