Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Self Esteem Plummeting

Wow. My self esteem is spiralling downward drastically today.....:) First of all.....while on our walk this morning, Sean and Jake are urging me to jog uphill. I absolutely positively could not even attempt to do it because I was already exhausted so I just had to tell them, through my panting, that mom can NOT run up hill today!! Then, I was singing, "Hey, Soul Sister" to Jake today and you know the part where it goes....."hey eh hey eh eh eh eh......" I was doing that and actually not feeling like it was the worst singing job I've ever done when Sean yells out, "You sound like George of the Jungle!" AND just now, I pulled my hair up to straighten it. Sean says, "you look like a monster!" Wow. Last week while shopping and trying on clothes, Jake called me fat and told me all the clothes were too "wittle." Oh well........I guess I can use this to my advantage. When they're older, I will just have them read this poor pitiful post and let out the tears .....right before my birthday:)