Monday, October 26, 2009

I just hate days when you notice two of your favorite shirts were washed with a greasy greasy towel and now they have huge grease stains, you spend way too much money at Wmart, blew your diet at 5am, your kids won't sleep, kids are sick, blah blah blah BLAH! It's already getting better. I made rice krispies and have eaten half the pan. Dang diet
On a side note, the kids are doing a lot better. I think Jake has an ear infection now:( Sean is still on meds but is doing lots better. Sean is so cute when he's sick. He just cuddles and wants to hold my hand. He has a "man-cold!" I think maybe you have to be a woman to know that that dx is.

Really, it was pretty much the flu and ear infection and now I think Jakey is getting it! Wish us luck.

What to do when you're lots of food.

Make ornery faces when Mom chooses the wrong movies to watch:)
Clean up your own vomit (don't worry, he really really wanted to help!)

Play in the sink!

Get messy eating yummy squash and THEN play in the sink.

Take funny pictures with Daddy!