Sunday, August 22, 2010

My baby turns 3!

Sean turned three the other day. We've been celebrating all week. I absolutely adore this child. He's tidy, polite, funny, and just a pretty darn good kid!
We had fun opening presents, eating lots of treats, lunch with friends, eating more treats, having a little bday party, and we went to a little farm by our house (between Lehi and Saratoga) to ride a pony and visit the animals. Sean was in heaven. (but if you ask him what he got for his birthday, he will just say "candy")!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Top FIVE reasons I love Caitlin Barbara Thomas the First

A.K.A. My sister in law

1. She uses awesome words like, "perk," "whaher," and even better she yells them out the car window.....STAY ON YO SIDE
2. I have to love her, she will be my kid's mother someday......well......if Mike and I die......
3. She lets me borrow her All the time. When we all dressed up for the reception in Utah, she let me borrow her cute new pants!
4. She gives really really good gifts. The thoughful kind.
5. She'll tell ya anything about a movie, book, ending, etc. She'll make sure you really really want to know, though.

Basically. She's awesome!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fruit Snacks

The other day we opened a box of fruit snacks. One was completely stuffed to capacity and another had only a few. I showed Mike and his first thought was, "I'd be ticked if I got jipped like that." And my thought, "They're probably poisoned." I ended up tasting both bags....just in case:)

p.s. we're ok. no food poison!