Friday, August 21, 2009

Sean and Jake

Decided I need to be more grateful so I made this post for myself-

#1: I love how Jake eats a cracker and tries to put it in his mouth only he drops it, gets a confused look, and searches for it until he remembers if he cries I will get it for him.

#2: I love Sean's reaction to Jake getting his stinky diaper changed. He gets a disgusted look on his face and says, "ah Jakey, poopy! ah, jakey!" It's quite hilarious.

#3: I love how Sean lines up his animals and dances in a circle around them singing, "EiEiO."

#4: I love when Jake watches people and smiles and laughs until you say one word to him and he cries.

#5: I love how Sean likes things tidy and does a great job cleaning up.

#6: I love when Sean pours water on Jake in the tub! He's such a helper.

#7: I love when the kids take a nap at the same time.

#8: I love when I told Sean to sing Jake to sleep one night they slept in the same room. He sang to him forever and when Jake finally got annoyed by the hundredth round of EIEIO he started crying. When I picked Jake up to rock him, Sean looked so relieved. Funny stuff.

#9: I love when I go shopping with Sean and hold a shirt up to him and he says, "Nuoooooah" in a funny voice!

#10: I love when I go in to get Jake from his crib and he smiles so big and starts kicking with excitement.

I love MY BOYS! They're my life. I took them to their 6 month (a month late) and 2 year appointments. Sean's in the 90th for height and 50th for weight and Jake is in the 75th for height and 50th for weight. Big boys. Sean just sat there the whole time while he got his check up. Such a big boy. They're quite adorable!
I am grateful for Sean and Jake, and of course, Mike. I listen to this song by the Motab called "where are you going" about a child growing up. "You turn around and he's two. You turn around and he's four. You turn around and he's a young man going out the front door." Time goes by so fast and I just want to hold on to these moments with my boys forever!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sean's Two and Fun in Bear Lake

Sean's birthday was pretty low key. We did cake and ice cream at Mike's family's house on Sunday and then on Tuesday Ann, Caitie, and Erin came to visit. We ate pizza and Sean got tons of nice presents! He loves building things with his Lego's from Grandma and Grandpa. He also carries around the Thomas the Train outfit they got him and says, "Choo Choo." Can't wait til it gets cooler outside so he can wear it.

On the patio with the "sensory table" and Sean decided it would be more efficient to just get it in!

Got him a tricycle- he's fearless on it but doesn't really get the idea of it as you can see!

Nice birthday! I still can't believe he's two years old. He definitely acts two but he looks older especially when he stands next to me. He's over half my size and I just can't help think time will just fly by me and he'll be on a mission. Sad to think about. I was sad when he was born in the hospital thinking the time will just slip by. I try to enjoy the days I have with him. We have fun. Caitie also got Sean a sensory table and lots of ideas of things to put in it (you can tell she's an elem. ed major!) I got out the shaving cream once, put water in it another time, and tonight I'm filling it with dirt! Caitie and Erin (Mike's sisters) also made Sean the cutest book ever. It is called, "Butterumpus" and Caitie wrote it and Erin illustrated it. It's adorable. I love it. The main characters are of course, Sean and Jakey, and they try to protect their house from the "monster" underneath their parents bed (which turns out to be their dad, Butterumpus! It's so cute. I seriously almost cried when I read it. Caitie always gives really thoughtful gifts. I always wish I could give those kinds of gifts. I gave Mike a homemade cd for his bday with every song meaning something and wrote out why I chose each particular song. It took forever and I still don't think he has listened to it. Anyway! It's so fun. Jake just loves Sean and vice versa. They are adorable together. I love them to pieces
We had a great vacation right before Sean's bday. We went to Bear Lake with awesome friends. We had a really fun time. Sean's very best friend, Rylee, was there. Sean LOVES her and talks about her all of the time. The boys did fairly well on the trip.

Driving to Bear Lake. These are the times I wish I had an Acadia (ok, I always with that:)

Sean playing!

Sean's future in-laws (a.k.a the Lloyds...a.k.a Rylee's parents!)

All of the kids minus Jakey

Monday, August 10, 2009

Is it August?!

August is our busiest month- well mid July to August. Three bdays in July, 3 in August, and our anniversary in Aug too. So, needless to say, we spend a lot of money in the summer!
Mike: Loves his job. LOVES IT! It's really laid back. He is really happy there. I still can't believe he prescribes medicine for people. Honestly, it kind of scares me:)
Lori: Doin' well. Bought an awesome jogging stroller (comes tomorrow) and Mike got me an IPOD for my bday. So, hopefully, I can lose forty pounds! Too bad, my goal for that was this Friday. Oh well, must plug along! Keeping busy with the boys!
Sean: Can't understand 90 percent of what he is saying unless you are mom or dad but he's so cute when he tries to get you to understand. He loves to dance. He points at whomever he wants to dance with and then points to the the spot he wants yo uto start dancing. It's hilarious. He also is still obsessed with singing "E,I,E,I,O and loves hanging out with Gpa Thomas. Poor grandpa, he makes him get every single guitar he has to sing with him. He has been really cute with more people. Not so shy. He goes to nursery now and prefers it if I just go and not bother or embarrass him in front of his friends. Man, that started early!
Jake: Trying to crawl. Wants to like crazy. He watches Sean and laughs and smiles at him all day. He loves LOVE LOVES to eat. One day, he grabbed Seans bean burrito and had it stuffed in his mouth before I could get to him, stole one of Sean's bread sticks and seriously threw the biggest fit when I tried to take it from him, and one day, he found a plate of animal crackers and he was in heaven! He is so cute. Such a chubby, cuddly, adorable baby!
Sean with his good buddy the goat pinata! (He'll take whatever animal he can get. He's obsessed with animals!)
The whole little family.
Mike and Sean Jake with his Great Aunt Cathy

Jakey and me (I love to give him kisses!)

With Thomas Grandparents

With Cousin Madden (Matt and Meg's baby) Opa (Great Grandpa Morrell's 80th bday)

My happy boy!

Loves his crackers!