Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh man!

Oh my. My kids are hilarious. Sean just woke up from nap and with a distraught look while scratching his head, he says, "My head's pokey." I think he has a headache.....

Then, at the grocery store (yes, I'm crazy and go grocery shopping with both kids!) Sean had no room for his legs b/c of all the food. He tells me, "I need to live here." I think he meant, make room for me?

Jake'a a crackup too....the other night I went to tuck him in and while stroking his cute crazy hair...I said, "You're so cute. I just love you....etc...etc...." he whispers...."I poopy..."

Jake and Sean also love to play "Blues Clues" and all this means is they each take a turn saying the same thing. This is how the convo goes...

J: My turn.....Furs cue.....he's peewpy.....he...diaper...whoisit?
S: Laughing quite hysterically replies....Jakey....hahahahhahah My turn!"
S: First Clue is.....he's poopy....Second clue is he wears a diaper? Whoisit?! (laughing hysterically while saying it)
J: My turn....
OVER AND OVER AND OVER.....holy cow. It's so funny. I just love that Jake doesn't even know he's making fun of himself!!

Sean had a preschool Christmas program. His amazing teacher, Alisha, had a Thanksgiving and Christmas one. He had to stand up and say his favorite part of Christmas....Sean said, "Sharing with my brother, Jakey."
Now, if only this was true:)

Sean was so happy to have Daddy at the Christmas Program. Afterward, Mike had to go to work. Sean asked me, "Where's Dad?" I said, "Work." He said, "Again?!"

Awww!!! Sean singing his little heart out:)

Singing a song about a tree:)

Jake- asleep.....and probably poopy.....

Sean looks so grown up here!


Jaimee said...

LOVE IT!!!! They are so cute and hilarious.

EBeauty03 said...

SO cute!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Love how you are trying to have a tender moment, and then you get the (sweetly said) reality check. --sigh-- nice!